Plants that feed on positivity PROJECT: Mobile / Web App

This personal project was inspired by my interest in detecting and visualising emotion. The Wallflower is a plant that listens to you speak, and grows when you are positive.

The application is designed as a web or mobile app which is then placed in the environment of choice. Aggregated data from this app is displayed like a weather application. However instead of the weather, it reports on the general emotional atmosphere of a specific location. The application is both a gentle reminder to people at a location to be more positive when conversing with family or colleagues.

Layout option 1

Layout option 2


Positive conversation causes the plant to grow.

Negative conversation causes leaves to fall.

The prototype uses Google's web speech api to detect conversation, which is then searched for keywords to determine the sentiment of conversation.

INTERVIEWS Problems in communication

Through interviews I found that a barrier to teamwork is in the moment overreactions. When trying to formulate an argument, people often forget to think about the way the argument is delivered. This causes an escalating negative tension that affects surrounding people, even those not part of the team, but within hearing distance.

ACADEMIC RESEARCH Transfer of emotions

There has been extensive academic research performed on the phenomenon of "Emotional Contagion", defined as the tendency to automatically mimic and synchronise facial expressions, vocalisations, postures, and movements with those of another person, and consequently, to converge emotionally - Hatfield et al

Emotional contagion is shown not only to influence people's moods in the group but, important to group life, it was also shown to influence subsequent group dynamimcs among group members, both at an individual and group level. - Barsade et al


UX Flow for mood application.

SCREEN LAYOUT Tablet screen layouts

I designed two versions of the plant visualisation, and corresponding application screen layouts.

Layout option 1. Description from left to right: Main menu / Main visualisation / Scrolling through previous days

Layout option 2. Description from left to right: Main menu / Main visualisation / Scrolling through previous days

FUTURE WORK Living wallpaper

The future vision of this project is to integrate the visualisation with the rooms they represent, as projected living posters or wallpaper. Used this way, the more positive people in a room are, the richer its wallpaper visualisation will be. Even without explaining what the visualisation represents (positivity), people who enter the room naturally feel the positivity through its ambience.