Truth Emotion and privacy

Project: Media Design Team: Daniel Wang, Eria Chita, Angelia Stefani, Dixon Lo Award: Augmented Human Conference 2015 Student Competition 1st place

Truth is an experimental project exploring the future of privacy and emotion reactive technology.

The truth goggles replace the top half of a user’s face with a virtual face. This virtual face changes expression according to the user's realtime heart rate data. Creating a new type of person who is only able to consciously control half their facial expression (the bottom half).

Augmented Human 2015 demo

Concept Video

We use our face for so much of our communication, we use it to emphasise what we say, but we also use it to hide what we feel. What happens when half the face is unable to lie? How will that change the way we communicate? Will people still try to hide what they feel, causing weird situations where the top and bottom half of their face show different expressions?

As we put more and more of our personal data online, we are experiencing the convenience of being able to share, balanced with the sacrifice of privacy. In the future, we will have technology that understands how we feel, this project explores what happens when that information is no longer private.

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